Pixie Dust Gifts- a fun, money saving idea

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A fun idea I’ve picked up for my future, when we have kiddos to take to Disney, is Pixie Dust Gifts. It’s a great way to save a little money, but it does require some extra room in your luggage on your way to Disney.

Imagine coming back from a long day in the parks to a special gift from Mickey/Tinkerbell/your child’s favorite character waiting for you in your room. Sometimes, this really does happen. Disney magic is real and amazing. But, you never know when that will happen. So if you don’t want to spend all the money on things in the parks, you can bring some with you!

This baby Sven plushie is one of my favorites! The Disney Store often has sales on stuffed animals like Sven.

Head to your local Disney Store, or even places like Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, your local toy shop, wherever you can find some Disney merchandise. Buy a few things. If you want to do one gift per night, or one when you get there and one when you leave. However you want to do it. Buy the things close to home.

Then, when you get to the hotel, you’ll need to be a little creative. Somehow, have one parent/adult/guardian/etc. leave the gifts out on the bed. The first day in the parks will be rough, saying no to all the things your kiddos want to buy. But once they see a surprise gift back at the hotel, they *may* not ask for as many things in the parks the next day!

Merchandise in the parks can be expensive, especially if you have multiple kids you’d need to buy things for. And I personally like the idea of coming back to a surprise in the hotel room. I may need to make my hubby do this for me our next trip! hahaha

I love finding custom made ears on Etsy. They’re so fun! These Up ears are really calling my name. I may need them for our next trip!

Fun Pixie Dust gift ideas:

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