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New Walt Disney World Ticket Pricing Structure

The new pricing structure for Walt Disney World theme park tickets has been announced. If you’re traveling at a low-crowd time, you’ll notice a small difference. In fact, it’s so small, you might not notice it. If you’re traveling at a busy time (think summer and holidays and school vacations), you’ll definitely notice the difference, but it may not be as drastic as you imagined.


The biggest change, other than pricing, for the new tickets is the expiration date. With the old ticket system, you had 14 days from the first day of use to use your tickets. Meaning, if you had a 3 day park ticket, 7 day park ticket or a 10 day park ticket and used it on November 1st for the first time, you had until November 14th to use the other days of park entry. Now that window is not as large and is based on how many days your ticket is for.

Let me show you some examples.

The old pricing structure had two prices: a child price and an adult price. The more days you purchased, the more you saved. But let’s compare a 4 day park hopper ticket (allows entry to multiple parks each day).

With the old pricing system, where it didn’t matter when you were visiting the parks, the price per adult for a 4 day park hopper ticket (in 2018 before the price change) was $496 give or take some change and you had 14 days from the first time you used the ticket to use the other 3 days.

With the new system you will have 7 days from the first day you use the ticket to use the other 3 days. Here are some pricing options based on the first day you’d use the ticket:

December 23rd 2018: $542
January 3rd 2019: $478
April 21st 2019: $542
June 23rd 2019: $517
August 11th 2019: $492
September 15th: $482
November 24th 2019: $542

You can see from the examples above that during school vacations (April, June and August) and during holidays (December and November) the ticket prices are a bit higher than “off season” times (January and September). Keep in mind that an “adult” ticket to Disney World is for guests ages 10+.

Long story short? Disney is pricey. In my mind, it’s worth it. I love Walt Disney World and if ever you could buy happiness, Disney is the one place where that is true. You’ll treasure your Disney vacation memories forever.

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