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How Far in Advance Should You Book a Disney World Vacation?

Disney vacations can be booked pretty far in advance (up to 499 days before check in) but do you need to book that far in advance? Are there perks of booking months before your trip? You bet! I recommend booking your trip at least 7 months in advance. There are lots of moving parts to a Disney vacation, and that’s what I’m here to hep with, so the sooner we can start planning, the better! Let’s talk about some of the perks of booking early!

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Lots of Resort Options

When you book at least 7 months in advance, chances are we’ll have lots of resorts to choose from. The closer we are to your check in date when we’re trying to book, the more limited options we’ll have. While less options is sometimes a good thing. limited options may mean there aren’t options that easily fit in your budget. 

Plenty of Time to Make Payments

Did you know that all you need to book a Disney World vacation is a $200 deposit? Once the trip is booked, you’ll have until 30 days before check in to pay off the trip in full. We can make as many or as few payments as you like during that time! Want to pay a little every week? Or maybe you’d rather make one big payment at the 30 day mark? Either way, we can make it work for your budget and booking at least 7 months in advance gives us lots of flexibility. 

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Dining Reservations 6 months in Advance

180 days or 6 months before your check in date we’re able to make dining reservations for the entirety of your stay. Any table service restaurant, including character meals, can be booked in advance and we have the best chances of getting high demand locations at that 180 day mark. Cinderella’s Royal Table, the character dining experience in the castle at Magic Kingdom, is the hardest reservation to get and if you have your heart set on this experience, we MUST be ready to make the reservation at the 180 day mark.

Fast Pass Selections 2 months in Advance

60 days or 2 months before your check in date we’re able to select your fast passes. You can read more about how Fast Passes work here.  Basically, they let you cut most of the line on popular rides and get reserved seating at popular shows. They are included in your vacation package (aka no extra money) so totally worth taking advantage of!

when should I book a Disney Vacation, how far out can I book a Disney World vacation, perks of booking Disney World vacation early

Of course, Disney vacations can be booked 499 days out, which may help you budget for a more expensive vacation. We can also always find SOMETHING at the last minute, as long as you’re flexible. 

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