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5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

I hear this question often: “Why should I use a travel agent? Can’t I just book it myself?” Let’s talk about 5 great reasons to use a travel agent, whether it’s your first vacation to a particular destination or your 100th.

Yes, of course you can book your vacation on your own. But having a travel agent can be extremely helpful, especially with a Disney vacation. The best perk to you? You don’t pay me (or any authorized travel agent). Our services are free when you book a vacation with us and we’re paid by the company you travel with. So why not take advantage of our services?

Here are my top 5 reasons to book your Disney vacation with a Disney certified Travel Agent (aka, ME!)

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1. Personalized Care

With a travel agent you’ll receive personalized care. I’ll listen to your needs, wants, expectations, questions and concerns and take all of those things into consideration when I make recommendations for your vacation. Plus, you’ll always talk to me. When you call into Disney, you get a different cast member every time. When you book with me, I’m the only one you have to talk to and I know all the ins and outs of your vacation!

2. I love what I do and I’m trained to do it!

Most authorized Disney travel agents are not part of a large corporate travel agency. Most of us got into this business because we truly love Disney. We even had to meet a minimum requirement of visits to Disney World! So you can bet we know what we’re talking about and that our passion is real. My husband and I go to Disney World once a year right now. I listen to Disney podcasts in my free time. I follow all the Disney social media pages I can. I truly love Disney and I’m learning that all of the offerings beyond the parks are just as magical as I know the parks to be. Plus, I graduated from the Disney College of Knowledge. Disney trained and certified me!

3. Planning can be a hassle, let me do the work

I do the not-so-fun parts of planning. Do you want to plan out your day? Figure out which rides you’ll go on and which restaurants you’ll be eating at? Great! But let me wake up at 7am Eastern and fight the internet to get those reservations for you. Let me do the stressful parts of the planning so you can fully enjoy your vacation. And if you have no interest in planning your day, I can do that too!

4. There are no added fees for my services!

I work tirelessly to find you a great deal. Disney has travel agent commissions built into all their pricing, so you might as well use a service you pay for! Whether you’re planning your one and only trip to Disney or one of many, I do my best to find you the best deal that meets your expectations.

5. I spoil my clients!

I build relationships with all of my clients. I work to get to know you and your family, your expectations, your favorite Disney Characters, and other things to help me plan the perfect vacation. I’ll add you to a referral database, so if you send a friend to book their vacation with me, you’ll get a little gift. I love what I do, and I love the people I meet doing it. I’m in this for the Disney Magic, and I love being able to provide a little of my own.

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