Traveling During Covid- A Pivot & A Plan

Covid-19 has disrupted many plans and many industries, especially travel. Traveling has certainly slowed during the pandemic, but there is still a way to enjoy a vacation safely. Traveling during Covid is a whole new adventure, both in terms of being a travel agent and actually traveling. Alex (husband) and I usually enjoy a week with family in Pennsylvania year Hershey Park, but this summer we’re planning to stay closer to home and enjoy a long weekend, just the two of us… and Burger, our adorable 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel.

Burger, our 9 year old Cocker Spaniel
Burger, our adorable doggo.

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We miss Disney! A lot! I’m craving a Disney World vacation like you wouldn’t believe. But we aren’t comfortable traveling to Florida right now, and we can’t go on our usual family vacation, so we decided to try something new. I’m really hoping we love it and make a new tradition!

Give me water

Whether we’re traveling during Covid or under normal circumstances, my favorite part of vacation is water: lakes, oceans, pools, rivers, ponds, etc. Give me a tube to float and I’m set for the date. So I’m super excited that the place we’re headed to in July has a lake, two ponds and a pool! I can choose a different body of water each day!

Glamping? What is Glamping?

Our July vacation is something totally different for us: Glamping. To be fair, I guess it’s not TOTALLY different since we both worked at a summer camp and I had a pretty nice cabin with wifi, a landline, a full kitchen, two bedrooms, a tv… but that was work for the WHOLE summer. This is VACATION. Anyways, we’re going Glamping.

If you haven’t heard of Glamping before, it’s fancy pants camping. Instead of “roughing it” we’ll be in a nice cabin with amenities. We’ll still be in nature, and it’s a far cry from The Grand Floridian, but it’s certainly a step up from a tent!

Traveling during Covid pinnacle image


We’re headed to Baldwin, Maine to the Natures Wilderness Resort. They do have tent camping and RV sites, but they also have cabins. We’ll be in a small, studio style cabin that sleeps up to 5… or two and a doggo in our case. They also offer 2 and 3 bedroom cabins that are great for families with accommodations for up to 8 people!

Thankfully, this is only about a 3 hour drive from home. I think that’s about as far as I’m willing to travel right now. And it’s just the next state over (we’re in New Hampshire). Traveling during Covid is going to make nervous, even if it’s just a drive away. I may need to scope out public bathrooms that will be open on our route…

Bringing the Dog

We’ve never taken Burger on vacation before, so the unknown of the location and of having a dog with us is making me a little nervous, but I’m sure it will be fun! We may have bought a few things for him on Amazon… like an LED collar so we don’t lose track of our black dog at night, and an elevated outdoor dog bed so he can nap all cozy. Basically we’re spoiling him for vacation. Natures Wilderness Resort has a dog park, so we’re excited about that and we’ll see how Burger does. Live and learn right? Hopefully he likes the water.

traveling during covid with our dog pin image

Our Plan to Stay Safe

There is so much uncertainty around Covid that staying safe can be a challenge, but we have a plan we’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that everyone’s level of comfort is different right now, especially in terms of traveling during Covid. This is ours.

We’ll be wearing masks whenever we cannot maintain a 6 foot distance from others or we are indoors. We’re expecting to need to wear a mask at the fire pit, at the grilling area, in the general store, in the arcade (if it’s open) and in any restaurants we decide to venture out to. We’re bringing lots of hand sanitizer and hand soap.

We’ll have our own private bathroom in the bath house, so that’s good and the bath house is being cleaned twice a day, so that’s good too!

I think with the amount of time we plan to spend out doors and the amount of space (hundreds of acres) we’ll be just fine!

Traveling During Covid

Is traveling during the pandemic a good idea? I think everyone would have a different answer. Some people are totally comfortable traveling right now: they’re getting on airplanes, visiting places like Disney World and Universal Studios, spending time with family and more. Some people haven’t left their home at all in almost 4 months. So clearly, everyone has a different level of comfort right now. If you’re comfortable traveling, I highly recommend looking into local-ish getaways. Help the local economy, and travel without going too far from home! It’s a great alternative to your usual vacation.

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